The versatile PDF creation and manipulation library for Ruby

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PDF Creation

HexaPDF includes facilities for creating PDF documents from scratch, using a canvas object for drawing and outputting text.

PDF Manipulation

HexaPDF can read existing documents and modify them in various ways, e.g. adding, modifying or deleting pages, annotations, files, ...

PDF File Merging

HexaPDF can be used to merge multiple PDF files together. Advanced merge facilities can be built on the existing infrastructure.

Content Extraction

HexaPDF allows extracting various parts of a PDF file, e.g. text from a page, attached files, embedded images, ...

PDF Encryption

HexaPDF supports all password based encryption mechanisms, including AES 256bit, when reading and writing PDF files.

PDF Optimization

HexaPDF writes output PDF files as compactly as possible. Additionally, it can optimize existing PDF files to reduce their file size.

Why HexaPDF

If the above features haven't already convinced you, how about these additional benefits which make working with HexaPDF a breeze:

Pure Ruby

You can use HexaPDF anywhere since it runs in any Ruby 2.5+ compatible runtime.

No Equivalent

While there are other pure Ruby PDF libraries, none of them provide the full spectrum of PDF features, like HexaPDF does.

Conformance to PDF Standard

The implementation adheres to the PDF 1.7 as well as parts of the 2.0 Standard and is tested on thousands of PDFs.


Ruby is slow? Not so much! Built with performance in mind, HexaPDF is mostly only 2.5 times slower than compiled solutions!

Memory Optimized

Care has been taken to make sure that HexaPDF doesn't unnecessarily use memory.

Fully Documented

There are an in-depth API documentation and many examples available.


Every part of HexaPDF is thoroughly tested. The fast test suite ensures that it stays so.

CLI Application

HexaPDF comes with a CLI application for quickly performing the most common PDF tasks.

Commercial License

The commercial license covers the case where the use of the open source AGPL-licensed version is not possible or desirable.

For example, if you use HexaPDF in an application and distribute that application, you have to make the source code of the whole application available under the AGPL. The same applies if your application is used over a network, e.g. via a web server.

Businesses that want to use HexaPDF and want to steer clear of potential legal issues or don’t want to make their source code available need to buy a commercial license (for details see the text of the commercial license):

License Types
Limited License
Use HexaPDF on one host. Multiple virtual machines on the same physical machine are regarded as one host.
Unlimited License
Use HexaPDF on any number of hosts within your company.

Each license is perpetual, with one year of updates included. The last officially released version (not the last code pushed to the repository) before the invoice date plus one year may perpetually be used.

  Price without VAT
Limited License € 500 Buy
Limited License (virtual machines only) € 250 Buy
Unlimited License Inquire

The Limited License (virtual machines only) offer can be used if HexaPDF is only used on virtual machines within your company. If you run HexaPDF on even one physical host, the standard license fee is applicable for all licenses.

Volume discounts may apply for the limited license. Please inquire for details.

Contact sales@gettalong.at for more information!

Commercial License FAQ

Do we need licenses for development, testing, staging or CI hosts?

No, only production hosts need a license. If you buy at least one commercial license, all development, testing, staging and CI hosts are included.

Which license do we need if we use Heroku, AWS, …?

In such a case the “Limited License (VMs only)” would be the correct choice. You need one license for each VM on which HexaPDF is used. Volume discounts may apply, please contact sales for details.

How many licenses do we need if we utilize auto-scaling with our VM provider?

You would need to buy licenses for the maximum number of hosts to cover the case when all hosts are in use.

Open Source (AGPL)

HexaPDF is developed as an open source library and application under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL).

The main website is


There you will find all the necessary information on usage, examples and documentation.

Everything that is available in the commercial version is also available in the AGPL version. This benefits the open source community since the other option, the open core model, would have meant that more advanced features wouldn’t be available. And businesses can have a look at everything that is available and easily decide beforehand, if HexaPDF is the right tool for their usecase.